Swaggers School Gong Bell- 12 inch

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SWAGGERS 12 inch gong bell. Ideal For School, Factories, Cinema Halls And Industries Warehouses,Available In 150 Mm ( 12" ) Gong. It gives a loud ring for big schools and factories. It works with 220V AC Current. Can be Connected to Electronic Timer such as Automatic school bell and Automatic industrial bell. Stand Alone Gong Bell for School, Factories etc.

It comes with outer carton also.

Packing List

  • 1x Gong bell-(12 inch)


  1. 12 inches gong bell for loud long range sound
  2. Unbeatable big bell for loud sound
  3. For large spaces uses like schools, colleges, industries, factories, hotels. restaurants, warehouses, cinema halls
  4. Electricity operated gong bell, Rated voltage 220 V that is normal voltage
  5. Can be Connected to Electronic Timer

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