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This SWAGGERS money counter machine is helpful in reducing the error. It can count a large quantities of banknotes in a accurate and precise way. Combined with batching, adding and self-examination functions, it can make your work more efficient as well. If you have tried to count the money by your hand, you may know how inefficient it is. While the counter machine can check 1000 pieces within one minute. Take the machine instead of your hand, and you can enjoy the quick and efficient process. With the UV ,MG, IR anti-counterfeit detection, this Currency counter machine can be used to check all kinds of banknotes which contains UV and MG features. If it detects a counterfeit banknote during counting, it will stop and emit beeping sound and display becomes red.


  1. Counting Speed - 1000pcs/min.
  2. It counts all old and new denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.
  3. Automatic detecting fake Note with UV (Ultraviolet) and (Magnetic) IR (Infrared) while counting.
  4. Automatic half Note detection and double Note. Hopper Capacity - 130pcs and Stacker Capacity - 130pcs.
  5. Functions: Automatic start, stop and clearing, with batching, adding and self-examination (display) function.
  6. With Big Front color changing Led Display. Display becomes red when error occurs.
  7. Voice on/off Feature.
  8. Calculates Value for Selected Denomination.


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